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At PRX, we say, “feedback is a gift,” because getting solid advice from folks you trust can make the path for early-stage podcasters a little clearer.

Who is an early-stage podcaster? Someone who is making a podcast for the very first time, who may only have an idea or may be in early production of a show, or someone who has produced fewer than two seasons of an existing podcast.

If you're an early-stage podcaster, and you’re ready to get some gift-worthy feedback on your podcast, be brave and apply to pitch your podcast – LIVE – to a panel of industry experts. Think “Shark Tank” but a whole lot kinder and more constructive!

The application gives us a sense of what your podcast is about, where you are in production and who you’re hoping to reach. If you’re selected, we'll work with you to make your pitch really sing. 

Not ready to pitch in front of crowd just yet? That’s OK! Come by and pick up on what makes a pitch stand out. 

Note: All information submitted through this form will be kept confidential and not be used for purposes beyond the scope of the pitch panel.