With generous support from the Knight Foundation, PRX is hosting three 12-week podcast accelerators for news organizations across the U.S. The PRX Journalism Podcast Accelerator (JPA) provides mentorship, enduring support, and necessary skills to help journalists at news organizations launch/relaunch podcasts and develop stronger, more creative and more nimble podcast strategies.

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis for the following regions of the U.S. Please select your respective region in the application:

  • Western (Pacific, Mountain, Alaska and Hawaii): September 19 - December 16, 2022 (CLOSED)
  • Central: March 20, 2023 - June 16, 2023 (CLOSED)
  • Eastern: July 31, 2023 - October 27, 2023 (Deadline: June 21, 2023)

The next deadline is June 21, 2023, at 5pm ET for the Eastern cohort.

This program will help participants:

  • Develop a listener-centered approach to developing and strengthening concepts
  • Introduce and implement technical and creative skills that prioritize collaboration, prototyping, iteration, and agile thinking
  • Access industry best practices and expertise around marketing, branding, monetization, and audience engagement
  • Help journalists navigate their institutions to effectively communicate vision and intention, and generate buy-in

Selected podcast teams will receive:

  • 12 weeks of podcast training, including a 3-day in-person kick-off – focused on creative and  strategic development around content, audience growth and engagement, monetization and performance metrics;
  • Regular feedback and mentorship on all aspects of production and strategy;
  • ​​Access to a network of podcasters for guidance, feedback and collaboration – from PRX's training alumni to industry experts;
  • A $5,000 stipend, to offset production and operational expenses; and
  • Reimbursement for all travel-related expenses.

A few notes before you continue: Please visit our website for more information. Most of your questions can be answered at our FAQ (at the bottom of the page).

This application contains 20 required fields, with a combination of short and open-ended questions. You can expect to spend about 1-3 hours (give or take) on the application. This process is intentionally rigorous because we want you to answer thoughtfully. It will make your idea that much stronger. 

If you'd like to work out of a plain-text Google Doc, we've provided one here. Keep in mind that you will still need to submit your application through Submittable.

If there is a way that PRX can make this application process more accessible for you, please let us know at trainingteam@prx.org.

Finally, thank you for your interest. PRX is excited to work alongside the Knight Foundation to grow the capacity for developing podcasts and media products that serve their respective communities. PRX does not assume any rights to your intellectual property in this process, even at the application stage.